About Venture 1:9

We’re glad you’re here!

In Joshua 1:9, the LORD calls you to be courageous – not because you are a gifted leader, strategist, organizer, communicator, motivator or fighter – because the Lord will be with you wherever you go.

The Lord is with you! The world needs courageous non-profits! Let’s go.

Venture 1:9 (based on Joshua 1:9) guides your non-profit to a place of courage, health, sustainability and impact, through free training, coaching and granting.

Training events provide more than valuable content. They are gatherings of fellow leaders on the journey where relationships are formed for encouragement, partnership and collaboration. Trainings happen through in-person workshops, roundtable discussions, sprint sessions, and webinar and online experiences.

Coaching is customized for your specific non-profit needs. Topics include biblically-based fundraising and development, organizational and personal leadership, boards, messaging and communication, strategic planning, emotional intelligence, building healthy teams, and more. Coaching is available one-on-one or for your staff and broader leadership team.

Granting is provided by supporters who feel called to infuse specific projects with financial resources to help these projects grow in their reach and impact. Venture 1:9 also directly connects you with like-minded donors, resulting in community partnerships, grants and major gifts. Let’s go!