Welcome to CORE Consulting!

CORE Consulting is a Venture 1:9 fee-based coaching program that helps Christian nonprofits grow in financial
sustainability, organizational leadership, strategic planning, board development, and more.

“Lord, I’m working hard but I need to increase my leadership effectiveness…”

That was exactly where I was when I was invited to join Core Consulting. I was working hard and doing a good job, but I needed more. I needed someone to journey with me, someone to coach and lead me, someone to provide accountability, and someone to help me connect with other leaders for encouragement and Kingdom direction. Core Consulting provided all that, and more!

It’s interesting, the invitation also came with a cost! I realized that God was giving me an opportunity to invest in myself (sometimes we are last on the list, right?) and this investment solidified my “buy in” to take advantage of the opportunities.

After many years, the Core group has been one of the best programs that developed me as a leader.  If you’ve been invited, say YES!

Julie Supplee

Executive Director,

House of Refuge Sunnyslope

An Overview

CORE Consulting is an invite-only program and you are being invited to join for two reasons:

(1) Venture 1:9 believes in you!

(2) Venture 1:9 believes you are ready!

Through CORE Consulting, we will spend more regularly-scheduled and focused time to help you and your ministry take steps toward your God-led and inspired future. You will grow in sustainability as, TOGETHER, we will get things done!

woman sitting around table holding tablet
person writing bucket list on book

The Process

Through CORE Consulting, you will:

  • Complete a CORE Consulting Baseline Snapshot.
  • Identify growth goals, projects and 6-month consulting deliverables.
  • Consult bi-monthly with Jonathan or Heather of Venture 1:9.
  • Complete a Venture 1:9 Grant Inquiry that will be shared with area givers and local foundations.
  • Be assigned a 1:1 leadership mentor (from another ministry) to meet with regularly.
  • Gain access to next-level ministry resources – think salary scales, Board resources, performance evaluations, and more.
  • Gather with other CORE Consulting leaders for connection, networking and encouragement.
  • Be blessed with a highly-reduced 2-3 day cabin treat in Prescott for personal reflection and rejuvenation and/or team building and planning, and more!


What is the CORE Consulting 2023 schedule?

This year’s Core Consulting schedule will be April 15 – October 15, 2023.

Is CORE Consulting really invite-only?

Definitely. Due to the commitment involved, Venture 1:9 is only inviting leaders and ministries who we feel are ready and will benefit from this program.

How many ministries will be accepted into the program?

Eight. That’s it! Jonathan will be accepting four ministries and Heather will be accepting four. Again, this is a significant commitment on the part of Jonathan and Heather, and on the part of the ministry involved.

Is CORE Consulting being offered for free?

No. CORE Consulting is a Venture 1:9 fee-based program and the cost of the program is $599 per organization. (Using a conservative estimate of standard per-hour consulting rates, this is a value of between $3,000 – $5,000.)

Are consulting sessions limited to just one leader?

No. Other leaders (and even entire leadership teams, including your board) are welcome to join any session, or we can set up a group consulting session at a location of your choice.

What will our consulting involve?

We will determine that together. After you complete your CORE Baseline Snapshot, we will lay out your specific consulting plan that will identify growth goals, project plans, timelines, etc. We’ll also schedule in advance all consulting sessions needed to deliver your consulting plan. Maybe you’d like to develop an overall fundraising plan, or lay out the timeline to hire a new staff position, or work through a much-needed strategic plan, or finally getting your Board focused? Maybe you’ve been wanting to get that one strategic project done that’s been on your list for months but need some help. We can make it happen!

Can other ministries schedule time like this with Venture 1:9?

No. Ministries can schedule basic coaching time with Jonathan and Heather but not to the extent outlined in this arrangement.  This is a deeper-level consulting relationship wherein hours and times will be pre-scheduled, protected and prioritized.  Also, through this arrangement, additional hours become available to your organization as needed. Regular Venture 1:9 coaching does not include the details outlined above in the Process Section.

Do we need to commit to the entire program and schedule?

Definitely. You’re being invited, but the decision to accept the invitation is yours. And that decision must come will an all-in mentality and a commitment to “complete” the program. In fact, we’ll both sign the CORE Consulting Covenant to make sure we’re on the same page.

That sounds great, I want in! What's next?